Getting the correct amount of water on your crop at the right time is crucial to getting higher yields, but it’s also important to apply it uniformly. Zimmatic irrigation systems bring a cost-effective solution, alleviating risk when the weather isn’t ideal for planting and growing conditions.

Increase yields through more uniform application.

Uniform application of water, chemicals and fertilisation generally results in improved yield, growth and quality. A Zimmatic irrigation system can provide proper application to every part of your field throughout the growing season, even in those areas that are currently underutilised. If you have fields where water retention is poor, especially with sandy soils, using an irrigation system can increase your yields by 10% up to 50%.

Reduce waste.

Because water and chemicals are applied directly to the root zone, a pivot or lateral system produces less waste, especially when compared to flood or drip irrigation. With a Zimmatic system, you get even, precise water application across the rows, rather than having too much water at one end and not enough at the other end.
Plus you won’t lose water to evaporation and you can control the timing and amount of water that is applied. There’s also less runoff, helping prevent contamination of the water table and nearby streams.

Lower labour maintenance costs.

The Zimmatic system is automated, so no one has to move pipes, or open and close floodgates. In fact, there’s virtually no labour input after the initial setup. Plus, remote control and monitoring options are available. There is no emitter clogging and no filter maintenance – it requires only a screen intake.

Enjoy many Money-Saving years

When you convert to mechanical move irrigation, you’re using a proven method of conserving water and improving your return on investment in time, labour, fertiliser and chemicals, while reducing runoff into streams.

High return on investment.

Your initial investment in a pivot or lateral system is relatively small compared to the money you’ll save in the long term. In fact, a drip irrigation system cost over 200% more than a pivot system to install on a 125-acre field. On larger fields, the cost difference is even greater.
The long life of a pivot or lateral system will save you money year after year. You’ll use less water, reducing your energy costs. A Zimmatic system also helps you gain consistently higher yields by applying chemical and fertilisers evenly, accurately and inexpensively. Plus, if you ever want to sell, there is a high resale value on a pivot or lateral system.