Centre Pivots Show Immediate Efficiencies For Dubbo Turf Grower

Traditionally, turf grown for commercial purposes has been irrigated using labour intensive hand shift pipes. However, Brett Sweeting from Turf the Lot Dubbo is now reaping the benefits of upgrading to Centre Pivots.  Turf the Lot leases 2 properties, one with a 186m centre pivot on an 8 hectare paddock and another part circle 285m centre pivot on 14 hectares.Brett said “We are now using half the amount of water we traditionally used and the centre pivot efficiencies is saving us thousands of dollars in labour. Whilst the investment in the centre pivots is a costly initial outlay, labour savings produced by the centre pivot efficiencies pays for the capital outlay very quickly. For example I believe we are saving $2000 per month on labour costs on the 14 hectare property alone.”

Brett has been growing turf for more than 20 years and for the past 4 years he has operated his business from the 8 hectare property, supplying turf such as Sir Walter, Soft Leaf Buffalo, Legend Couch and Kikuyu to the domestic & commercial markets of Central West NSW, the ACT & Southern Highlands, Melbourne & Adelaide commercial sporting fields. Demand for his turf resulted in expansion onto a neighbouring 14 hectare property also adjacent to the Macquarie River at Dubbo.

Water management is the key to producing high yields and Turf the Lot is showing the results. Since operating the centre pivots turf production has increased by at least 50%. Normally a turf crop takes 6 months to grow, but then they had to allow for down time whilst the irrigation was turned off to harvest the required sections based on consumer orders. With centre pivot irrigation, Brett isolates the required turf section by turning off the taps on the sprinklers. This creates a clear dry cutting edge for harvesting the required turf whilst not stressing other sections due to no irrigation. Yields have increased by at least 50% because Brett can irrigate when required and with exactly the right amount with no stress on the turf.

Turf the Lot grows their turf in a circle. The flexibility of the centre pivot to irrigate and run dry areas in unison produces uniform growing areas. Brett said “We also cut the turf in a circle to match the centre pivot circle. This by far is more efficient.”

Turf the Lot is located on the Newell Highway in Dubbo adjacent to the Macquarie River. This location at a major transport hub allows for effective transport to clients throughout the states.
TEAM Irrigation supplied and installed all the centre pivots for Turf the Lot and maintains regular service agreements on the irrigation and pumping equipment.

For more information, contact Craig Chandler on 6885 5220