TEAM Irrigation will work with you to match your system with its intended soil and crop type.

Tyre sizes

Choose the tyre size that fits your needs:
• 11-22.5 Recap; 11.2-24, 11.2-38, 14.9-24, 16.9-24 and 18.4-26
• 14.9-24, 16.9-24 and 18.4-26
Turf Tyres
• 18.4R26 Radial 

38” Rim Reinforcement

• Heavy-duty rim standard on 38” tyres. Valley adds an industry exclusive 0.3” reinforcing plate to the industry’s standard rim to ensure long life under extreme field conditions.

Non-Directional Irrigation Tyres

Firestone Champion Hydro ND

Valmont® Irrigation is the only centre pivot irrigation company to offer these revolutionary tires. Firestone designed the Champion Hydro ND specifically for irrigation machines to increase traction and lessen rutting. The patented, nondirectional
tread design has equal traction in forward and reverse directions, so you no longer need a front and rear tire. Available now in 14.9” - 24” and 11.2” - 38” sizes.