Location - Narromine NSW

Two 6 span Zimmatic Poly Lined Towable Centre Pivots have been installed to service 4 irrigation circles. Each 350m centre pivot can irrigate 40 hectares.

This grower already had 3 Zimmatic centre pivots irrigating canola, corn and wheat with river water on the Narromine Scheme.

Poly line pipes are excellent for both low and high pH irrigation water, processed water and farm chemicals. Zimmatic insert an extruded poly liner into standard hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes. The heavy-duty high-density polyethylene liner can handle corrosive liquids including saline and acidic water. The pipes have an integrated flange seal that eliminates the need for gaskets. Read more 

Instead of installing a fixed pivot system, this grower installed Zimmatic mobile move pivots to handle both the "main" paddocks and for supplementary irrigation to boost production on nearby fields. To learn more about mobile move pivots, click on this link.