Service, supply & backup are crucial when choosing a Centre Pivot Irrigator

Narromine growers Tim & Pip Schiffman upgraded from an existing towable centre pivot to a fixed centre pivot in August 2011 thus increasing the acres available to grow irrigated summer crops. When choosing TEAM Irrigation for this upgrade, Tim stated that “service, supply and backup are crucial when choosing a Centre Pivot Irrigator”.

TEAM Irrigation installed a 7 span (360m) fixed centre pivot at the Schiffman's Narromine property increasing the irrigated crop area to 40 hectares. The centre pivot was installed in a paddock with an existing canola crop. The installation took 7 days and Tim said “the timeframe was essential to ensure that he could save his canola crop and to ensure he was ready to irrigate his future corn summer crop”.

When asked whether the installation in the canola crop was detrimental, Tim said “he was surprised by the little impact the installation had”.

Canola crop picture on day 7 of the installation.

Whilst TEAM Irrigation may not always be the cheapest quote a grower may receive, you can always rely on our service, supply and backup to save your crops.

Technical Specifications for this Project

Overall System Length 362.6m
7 span Centre Pivot 1 span @ 49.6m, 6 spans @ 48.8m, 1 x 20.2m overhang
Irrigated area under Pivot 40 Hectares or 100 acres
System Flow Rate 64 L/sec or 1,014 us/gpm
Application rate per 24hr 12.5mm or 0.50 inches
Minimum Operating Pressure at base of pivot riser pipe 250 kpa or 35psi
Minimum rotation time @100%  14.5hrs
Tyres Size 14  Tyres, 16.9"x 24"4 ply Hi floatation on 15"Galvanised Rims
Centre Drive Hi Efficiency 3/4 hp centre drive motors
Tower Gear Box Power Drive
Sprinkler Types Nelson S3000 Spinner sprinklers yellow plate
Pump Existing pump & power system was maintained