Location: Central West NSW

Project Overview Installation of new pump station and two Centre Pivots. This property specialises in growing cotton

Centre Pivots:

  • Two 8 span Centre Pivots setup for row crop configuration
  • Irrigating two 52 hectare paddocks
  • 410m electric centre pivots

Sprinkler system

Nelson A3000 accelerator sprinklers at 10 psi. Fitted with spray plates for cotton

Pump Station

A new pump station was constructed at TEAM Irrigation and installed at the property. There are two Southern Cross 150x125 ISO Pro Pumps coupled to QSB3.3 litre 65kw Cummins diesel engines


Piping required from pump station to pivots included 1050m x 375mm PVC Piping and 825m x 250mm PVC Piping. All trenching was completed by TEAM Irrigation.

Power Supply

Perkins P13.5kw generators with F.G. Wilson control panels were fitted at each pivot point. They have an automatic alarm shut down system via SMS to the grower installed. The grower can SMS the system to shut down and obtain status reports. The system is also fitted with an automatic rain sensor that will shut the system down at a pre-determined rainfall amount.

Site Requirements

Due to the remote location of the property, TEAM Irrigation installed their own accommodation, amenity blocks and tool shed on site. These are then moved to the next property requiring irrigation works. The backhoe, bobcats and work vehicles are all part of the TEAM Irrigation work crew equipment.