The pivoting lateral advantage - greater flexibility, lower input costs and higher yields.

Increase your yields by making better use of your land with a pivoting lateral move irrigation system. Apply the correct amount of water at the right time uniformly – in every part of your field. Furrow irrigation systems fall short in this area, providing too much water in some area and not enough in others. But this easy-to-use, economical and reliable hose-fed system can replace your wheel line or flood irrigation system for better results year after year.

Valley Rainger Swing-Around

The Rainger Swing-Around rotates 180 degrees around the cart to irrigate the opposite side of the field. It allows you to double the amount of land irrigated with one machine, saving you time and money.

Valley Universal

Unlike other swing-around liners, the Valley Universal can automatically switch between linear mode and pivot mode.  Available as a hose drag or ditch feed.


       A 400m lateral move irrigator now operating in NSW. Our client had two perpendicular paddocks that were too small for centre pivot irrigators. To maximise return on investment, TEAM Irrigation designed an irrigation system that could irrigate both paddocks, enabling the client to grow lucerne for hay production on two paddocks. A turntable pivots the lateral move irrigator 90 degrees from one paddock to the next. Paddock one was 1050m long, paddock two was 1390m long. Irrigator 424m eight span pivoting hose pull Lateral Move Irrigator Furrow Guidance Pivots on a turntable constructed by TEAM Irrigation workshop. Pivots 90 degrees in approximately five hours.

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