AutoPilot Linear

The AutoPilot Linear control panel measures the position and travel direction of your linear machine, allowing you to program it on the run automatically.
  • Only control panel available specifically for linears.
  • Turns primary and secondary end guns on/off.
  • Can be programmed to change direction, stop, and change speed.
  • Stop/start chemigation based on field position.

GPS Position

Requires AutoPilot Linear, a GPS Ready control panel.
  • Allows you to gather accurate data about the machine’s position.
  • Can program control panels to precisely apply different levels of water and crop protection/fertility products.
  • Is compatible with the NovAtel GPS receiver, which is a dual channel and does not require a correction to achieve +/- 3 meters (10 feet).
  • WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) enabled Garmin receiver provides accuracy of +/- 4.5 meters (15 feet) with most installations reaching greater accuracy.
  • Offers a potential for higher yields and lower input costs because water is applied more efficiently.
  • Not available in all markets

GPS Guidance

  • Eliminates the need for below-ground, above-ground, or furrow guidance options.
  • Easily program the field map with the custom Valley mapping tool to best match changes in farm practices or field boundaries.
  • Diverse platform supports multiple brands of RTK receivers, such as John Deere and Trimble.
  • Trimble RTK receiver is compatible with existing Trimble RTK networks and can be easily retrofitted to most linears.