7 October 2016, 10:44AM
Times are changing. Everywhere you look, the integration of technology and basic functions are blurring. There is nowhere we can go to escape technology. Every one of us likely has a computer in our pocket (smartphone) more powerful than all the computing power that launched the first space mission. We can turn our nose up to this movement and be scared of how far things will continue to go (artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, etc.), or we can get on board and use the technology to our advantage to make our lives more vivid and exciting. Technology has a unique way of offering an easier way of doing things. Technology on a center pivot is no different.

Things on the farm are continuing to be “connected” and “intelligent,” your center pivot system is no different when it comes to this. The benefits and efficiency gains through remote irrigation monitoring and control are here and evident. Frankly, if you are not already utilizing advanced technology in your irrigation practices, you are falling behind the curve. The insight and knowledge you can glean from in-the-field sensors and monitoring devices only make your irrigation more effective. Getting water on at the right time, and in the right amount, is essential to greater yields and healthier crops.

Technology is not slowing down or going away. Jump in the tech river and ride the wave! 

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