4 September 2017, 09:53AM

Growers in Australia understand that anything that can maximise your yields and increase your profitability is worth considering. Valley linear machines provide returns not found in other irrigation equipment, including increased coverage and flexibility. 

Australia's large flat paddocks provide optimum opportunity to invest in Linear irrigation technology to maximise crop coverage.

Valley Linears offer the greatest versatility for field applications and the layouts below show how Valley Linears can match a paddock size and shape.


A. All Valley Linears

The standard linear travels back and forth across square or rectangle fields

B                                                                                                    C

B. Two Wheel and Universal Linears

The forward/Reverse tow and swing around options can be combined to give you the flexibility to irrigate odd-shaped fields with only one machine

C. Two Wheel and Universal Linears

As an option, a swing-around package can be ordered, which gives you the capability to irrigate L-shaped fields with one machine


D. Valley Universal and Rainger Swing-Around Linears

The Valley Universal Linear with Autopilot Linear control panel will automatically transition from linear to pivot mode. The Valley Rainger will also swing-around, but requires manual user intervention.