22 July 2019, 12:00AM
We at TEAM Irrigation understand that manure from dairy operations must be distributed in a way that limits the potential for surface runoff, deep percolation, drift to off-target areas and odor. We can help you develop a nutrient management plan using center pivot equipment for site-specific application.

Irrigate a larger area: Center pivot and linear irrigation can efficiently cover more acres evenly compared to other methods of irrigation.
No land leveling needed: When using center pivot and linear irrigation, there is no need to level cropland, as is required when using flood irrigation, which means that precious, nutritious topsoil is not lost.
Fewer labor demands: One man can operate several center pivots or linears at one time.
Conservation of clean water: By recycling effluent waste on crop lands, fresh water can be conserved.
Uniformity of application: An even distribution of material can be achieved easily and automatically.
Use less fertilizer: Fertilizer requirements are reduced as process wash water returns many of the needed soil nutrients.