20 February 2017, 11:36AM

It is written into Murphy’s Law that a breakdown will happen at the worst possible time.

Just ask Dunedoo cattle and crop farmer Brett Yeo whose corn crop was just about to flower when the base tower of his old centre pivot irrigator collapsed.

To make matters even more dire, it happened on a weekend and just as the summer heatwave was settling in.

Brett knew he was facing the loss of his entire 55 hectare corn crop within the week if he couldn’t get the irrigator back in operation.

That Sunday night he contacted TEAM Irrigation who had recently been out to install an undersling on the 400m long pivot that was close to 20 years old.

Bob, Craig and Tim had their backup service crew on site the next day and by Tuesday they had the irrigator back in operation.

“The corn crop is a very soft plant and shallow rooted and at pollination time it needs water very often in these high heat conditions,” said Brett.

“It had just begun to reach full water usage when the centre base failed so it was a very significant problem. It was urgent.

“A week without watering and it could have quickly got to the point of being unrecoverable.”

Brett said to have an $11,000 base tower fully assembled and installed in just over 24 hours was exceptional service.

He feels very lucky to have had such a reliable and responsive service team to call upon.

“I have always found TEAM Irrigation a very good company to deal with,” said Brett.

“They work with good suppliers and carry a large supply of parts which is why they were able to do such a big job so quickly.

“I was very impressed.”

TEAM Irrigation has a proven track record in getting your centre pivot and lateral move irrigators back up running with a five fully-equipped service vehicles on stand-by 7 days a week.