15 July 2015, 12:00AM
Our client was faced with two narrow paddocks that ran perpendicular to each other. These blocks were too narrow for centre pivots however they were suitable for lateral move irrigators. To maximise return on investment, TEAM Irrigation designed an irrigation system that could irrigate both paddocks, enabling the client to grow lucerne for hay production on two paddocks.
A turn-table pivots the lateral move irrigator 90 degrees from one paddock to the next. 
Paddock one was 1050m long, paddock two was 1390m long. 
424m eight span pivoting hose pull Zimmatic Lateral Move Irrigator
Furrow Guidance
180mm polyethylene undersling
Pivots on a turn-table constructed by TEAM Irrigation workshop. 
Pivots 90 degrees in approximately five hours.
Control System - Growsmart FieldBasic control panel
Pumps - There was an existing Everflow bore pump located 300m away from the paddock
Pipe Work - 400m of 300mm PN6 PVC pipe, 1770m of 225mm PN6 PVC pipe, 360m of 200mm PN6 pipe
Sprinkler System - 
Senniger IWOB sprinklers with 10psi regulators