25 August 2016, 09:54AM

From the Back of Bourke to Dunedoo - We've been there this week

The much appreciated rain has created a confidence in NSW growers for the upcoming growing season. The past dry week has given our crews at TEAM Irrigation an opportunity to complete current projects and start new work. Sometimes I wonder how Bob & Tim keep track of who is where but after 13 years in business, they have it all down pact.

This week
Complete a major project in Dubbo that consisted of 3 new Valley Centre pivots, moving an old Zimmatic centre pivot, installing a new submersible pump, and various amounts of running new pipelines and electrical works
Nearing completion of a new Valley centre pivot at Dunedoo
Commence undersling installation on a centre pivot at Dunedoo
Deliver centre pivot stock to site for installation commencement next week in Narromine
Electrical Service work at Bourke
Troubleshooting service of 2 centre pivots at Hillston
Stephen in the workshop has been busy replacing bearings in a centrifugal pump, fix pressure cleaners, fitting 2 three phase alternators to Cummins engines for an upcoming project. Pipe repairs and local service work

Thanks our team of dedicated staff that understand the importance of keeping the irrigation equipment of our clients operating when needed. 

Plan for your upcoming growing  season with maintenance checks, repair work & new equipment purchases before the heat and scheduled irrigation season

Water allocation is currently 77% in the Macquarie Valley and 100% in the Lachlan Valley