11 September 2014, 12:00AM

A 3 span pivoting lateral move irrigator was installed to irrigate 6 hectares of lucerne at Narromine. The pivoting lateral allows 98% coverage of paddocks, they put more of the field to work, virtually eliminating idle land.This lateral lets our customer combine maximum irrigation coverage with a uniform watering pattern over the entire paddock.

This lateral move irrigator is poly lined due to the bore water.  Poly-lined pipe is excellent for both low and high pH irrigation water, processed water and farm chemicals. The pipe has a poly liner inserted into standard hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe. The heavy duty, high-density polyethylene liner can handle corrosive liquids including saline and acidic water.

The bore provides 10litres/sec water. The lateral move irrigator is hose-fed, ie: supplied with water through a large diameter hose attached to a pressurized mainline.