11 September 2015, 12:00AM

Irrigate More Acres Without Buying More Equipment

TEAM Irrigation clients seek solutions to maximise the number of acres irrigated by centre pivots and often the best solution is a Mobile Move Centre Pivot. TEAM Irrigation help clients plan a towing pattern to spread a grower's irrigation investment over as many acres as possible.
Investing in a Towable Centre Pivot makes good sense, especially when you consider how much time, effort and worry you waste when you use a different type of irrigation system or no irrigation system at all. Some of the prime examples of situations that are ideal for putting a Valley Mobile Pivot are...

  • You have dryland fields that could produce more - but wonder if you can justify an irrigation system
  • You are irrigating with solid-set or a traveling gun and you want to cut your time and labour costs
  • You're adding or replacing a pivot near other fields that could be irrigated
  • You want to spread your irrigation investment over as many acres as possible

TEAM Irrigation can help you plan a towing system allowing you to irrigate multiple fields or fields with irregular boundaries.

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