29 June 2016, 05:13PM

The wet weather may have brought much needed rain to parched farmland but that doesn’t mean you can forget about irrigation for a while.

This is the ideal time to be tending to all those maintenance checks and repairs that ensure you get the most out of your machinery.

TEAM Irrigation installation specialist Daniel Samson says taking the time to check over irrigation equipment can save you costly downtime and repairs  down the track.

He says a thorough maintenance check involves both using your eyes to notice changes and your ears to listen for any unusual noises.

By getting into the habit of scheduling regular maintenance checks it is much easier to notice when something isn’t quite right.

“Our experience in the industry has shown us that people who don’t service their equipment get far more breakdowns than those who do,” says Daniel.

“What should have been a small problem to fix can lead to bigger issues if they are not dealt with early on.”

While you may think you don’t have the time for maintenance checks, remember that you’ll more than make that time back if it prevents a major problem occurring during peak growing season.

Here are Daniel’s top tips on what to look for during a routine inspection.

1) Oils
Check the oil levels in your gearboxes and top up any that look on the low side. 
2) Sprinklers
These can become clogged with dirt and sediments so keep the sprinkler heads clean and ensure your water is distributed evenly and efficiently.
3) Pumps
Many issues with centre pivots start from problems in the pumps. Now is the time to troubleshoot any pump issues you may have been having.
4) Tyres
Deep wheel tracks can be a headache in the field. Keeping your tyres inflated at the optimum pressure can minimise ruts and maximise the life of your tyres.
5) Wires
Sheep and cattle can do significant damage to centre drives by chewing on the wires. Take the time to look for wires that have been tampered with.
6) Power Connections

Power cords and connections can get very wet so it is important to make sure they are still safe.
7) Inspect for Ants and Bugs
The wet weather often sends insects searching for new homes that are warm and dry. It doesn’t take long for an infestation to cause problems so open electrical boxes and control panel areas for signs.

TEAM Irrigation is committed to keeping your equipment moving.

Our service teams have over 25 years experience in maintaining all models of irrigation equipment in Australia and we have five service teams fully-equipped and ready to respond to any call outs.

Call TEAM Irrigation on 02 6885 5220 for all your maintenance and servicing needs.