26 February 2019, 12:00AM

Bernie has worked for Water NSW since 1985 in the water measurement & water metering division.

For many years Bernie helped the industry develop policy & problem solve water accounting, metering and water trading issues. He was an advisor to reference panels for the water metering policy and is now motivated to bring his 33 years of knowledge to TEAM Irrigation.

Bernie’s experience in giving practical advice supported by years of compliance knowledge will help growers meet their future water metering requirements. In his new role at TEAM Irrigation, Bernie will help customers:
1. Choose the correct water meter
3. Provide advice on compliance regulations

How can Bernie Help?

Pump site inspections
Help with water meter selection
Validation & testing 
Compliance audits
Maintain Government guidelines on site

Annual Services

Water meter validation
Works approval audit

What is a Works Approval Audit?

1. Site visit
2. Validate meter to ensure it complies to water order
3. Check water meter still meets Government standards
4. Seals are intact
5. Check the meter display reads correctly
6. Assess water data
7. Check water license
8. Check pump size to authorised works approval
9. Audit flow conditions to river level
10. Check daily extraction limits (if applicable)
11. Check compliance to use approval
12. Provide a report for customers

When do you need a compliant water meter? 

If you are unsure, talk to Bernie Ward on 0436 388 153 or email bward@teamirrigation.com.au stating your works approval number and WAL number.

All new and replacement meters will need to comply with the new standards from 1 April 2019.