12 July 2018, 12:00AM
Chris Taylor spent 35 years on the land before he and his family decided to make a sea change to the Hunter Valley.

Chris and his family had 1000 acres of irrigated farmland in the Central West of NSW where, under eight centre pivots, they grew a variety of crops from seed corn for Pioneer to sweet corn, lucerne hay, adzuki beans and cotton.

“I know centre pivots,” says Chris.

“I’ve built them, run them, maintained them and I understand what it’s like to have a breakdown and how important it is to quickly get it back up and running.”

He says there’s much more to an irrigation system than just putting on water. It can provide nutrition for plants, apply fertiliser and be used to cool a crop to control its rate of growth.

But irrigation needs to be considered with a long-term view, says Chris, not just as a once-off purchase. It is an investment, but from his experience it is one that, when done properly, can save you significant amount of money over time.

He says a good system will be designed to cope with weather conditions you’ll face during the growing season, and take into account soil, application rates and how it will be applied.

“I’d like farmers to think they can speak to me openly and freely because I’ve had the same experience and I’ll be able to guide them to get the best result from their irrigation system,” says Chris.

“I’ll be asking them what it is they want to achieve.

“It’s not about what I’d like. I want to work with them to help them get what they want out of their own farms.”

To speak with Chris, contact TEAM Irrigation on 02 4933 3111.