19 April 2012, 09:29AM

Traditionally, turf grown for commercial purposes has been irrigated using labour intensive hand shift pipes. However, Brett Sweeting from Turf the Lot Dubbo is now reaping the benefits of upgrading to Zimmatic Centre Pivots. Turf the Lot leases 2 properties, one with a 186m Zimmatic centre pivot on an 8 hectare paddock and another part circle 285m centre pivot on 14 hectares.Brett said “We are now using half the amount of water we traditionally used and the centre pivot efficiencies is saving us thousands of dollars in labour. Whilst the investment in the Zimmatic centre pivots is a costly initial outlay, labour savings produced by the centre pivot efficiencies pays for the capital outlay very quickly. For example I believe we are saving $2000 per month on labour costs on the 14 hectare property alone.”

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