31 August 2017, 10:53AM

Every grower knows irrigation season can be hectic and demanding. You may think that adding remote technology will be complicated and hard to learn.  However, AgSense remote irrigation management is just the opposite. It’s very affordable, and the various alerts will make your days and nights much less stressful.

It’s always better to have another set of eyes to make sure everything is working well; that is where remote monitor and control comes in.  Think of AgSense text and email alerts as that second set of eyes that have your back when you can’t be there.  Let’s take a look at our top 5 must-have notifications:

Start/Stop – You need to know when and if your pivot is monitoring by the minute, hour and day. The start and stop features give up-to-the-minute visibility of the field.  It provides insight and historical data, answering important questions such as: “What time did my pivot start today?”  “Did my pivot execute the timed start or stop command I programmed?” “Did my pivot safety out?” “Did my pivot auto-restart after a power flash or load control event?”

Power On/Off – On the surface, you might think these alerts provide the same information as start/stop alerts; however, there are several ways Power On/Off alerts provides insight into a whole different set of questions.  Questions like: “Am I under a load control event?” “Is my dealer servicing the pivot?” They can also provide a practical use. For instance, if the dealer is working on the pivot, the alert can be used to verify power has been cut to the pivot, keeping everyone safe.

Low/High PSI – The AgSense Field Commander remotely monitors pressure in a unique location – right where the Field Commander is installed, out at the end of the pivot. Monitoring the water pressure isn’t the only benefit, however. Now you can set up alerts for low/high PSI values.  You will know if water availability is becoming an issue late in the season.  Low/High PSI alerts might help you realize that the pivot might have other problems, such as busted nozzles, unexpected pump stops, and numerous other issues that can occur with the pump. 

Stuck – The AgSense Field Commander uses GPS technology to determine if the pivot is moving through the field. By configuring your device to send you alerts for a stuck pivot, you can reduce the risk of lost fertilizer, overwatering or waiting too long get it moved out of a problem area in the field. This alert can save you tons of time and reduce tons of potential frustration.

Theft – Being ripped off by thieves is never a good thing, and should this happen to you in the middle of the night during irrigation season, the cost of the copper is just the beginning.  Lost yield and time spent trying to get your pivot running again can be an even larger issue. 

AgSense has many other alerts that can be customized for your particular needs, for a video demonstrating how to set notifications, CLICK HERE. Once you begin receiving real-time feedback from your pivot, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.