This week Bernie answers some of your questions regarding the changes in water metering legislation.

  • Can you keep my existing water meter?
  • How to get a meter tested for accuracy?
  • What type of meter do you need?
  • What is a certified meter?

Bernie Ward has 33 years experience in the water metering industry and each week he will provide industry updates to growers and water licence holders.

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Bernie our water metering guru keeps us up to date on the water metering legislation & all things water

With 33 years of experience in the water metering industry, we interview Bernie each week to give growers and water licence holders an update on all matters relating to the changes in the water metering legislation.

Feel free to post any questions for Bernie to address in next week's update or give Bernie a call on 0436 388 153


We are trying to grow more with less, how can we achieve this?

The quest to grow more food with less water, led to the innovation of the centre pivot irrigation system. A system that has enabled growers to apply water precisely where and when they need it.

The benefits of centre pivot irrigation include: increased yields in less cultivated areas, protection against drought, decreased production costs, larger scale & greater efficiency make multiple harvests per year possible and centre pivots use 25% to 50% less water than traditional irrigation methods.

First wet commissioning of this beauty

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