The Valley gearbox is constructed to work under the most demanding conditions.

  • 25^ tooth angles - Provide greater load capacity and wear resistance than the competition
  • Expansion chamber - Cap made of noncorrosive cast aluminium
  • Ductile iron worm gear - Provides higher load capacity against cast iron versus a steel worm gear
  • Bull gear - Highest load capacity in the industry and longest life
  • Threaded endcap - Allows accurate bearing preload to increase bearing life
  • 52:1 gear ratio - Full recessed tooth design keeps oil between engaged gears
  • Longest output shaft - This Valley exclusive provides extra clearance between gearbox and tyre to reduce mud buildup, which in turn prevents seal damage and extends the gearbox life.

Customers know when they buy a Valley center pivot, they are getting much more than meets the eye. Designed and built by Valley Irrigation since 1974, the Valley gearbox is the heart of our machines and cornerstone of our company.