Forbes NSW Project


3  Mobile Move Centre Pivots, each being 350m long and able to irrigate 39 hectares each.

Growng canola, wheat and barley


River Pump is a Dynapump Maxflow that pumps from the river to a storage facility at 16MgL a day. At the storage facility another pump station was constructed with 3 Cummins engines to pump to the 9 pivot point locations that the centre pivots can be moved to.


9kms of pipework was installed to transfer water to all the centre pivot locations


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Nelson R55 Endgun on Zimmatic Centre PivotConstruction of pipelineCentre pivot constructionPipeline constructionDynapump Maxflow pump at riverZimmatc centre pivot construction
Pupm station near water storage facility under constructionPump station constructionPipeline constructionPipeline constructionPump station with  3 Cummins EnginesZimmatic Mobile Move Pivot
Zimmatic centre pivot constructionPump stationPump StationCentre pivot construction by TEAM IrrigationZimmatic Mobile Move Centre PIvot at ForbesZimmatic Mobile Move Centre PIvot at Forbes
Pump station to 9 pivot sitesDynapump Maxflow river pumpZimmatic Mobile Move Pivot PointZimmatic Mobile Move Cart with generator