Project Overview

This project involved the installation of one Valley Centre Pivot and two Valley Linear Move Irrigators in Dubbo NSW Australia.

Valley Centre Pivot

470m galvanized Valley Centre Pivot
10 Span machine
Capable of irrigating 70 hectares
Nelson A3000 sprinkler package
Irrigating Cotton crops

Pump Station

A new pump station was installed to service the Valley Centre Pivot

Southern Cross 110kw pump that delivers 112 litres per second
Delivers nine and half megalitres per day to the pivot
A slipway was specifically designed in constructed at our fabrication facility in Dubbo to accommodate the new pump and to enable the pumps extraction during high river levels

Two Valley Galvanized Linear Move Irrigators

Linear One

Linear one is a 10 span end fed machine
500m long irrigating 63 hectares
Flow rate of 113 litres per second
Ditch feed end fed cart with a buried wire guidance system
Cart consists of a Cummins diesel engine 200HP
2200litre Diesel Fuel tank
Southern Cross Pump 200x150
Nelson A3000 sprinkler package

Valley Autopilot control panel LEARN MORE

Linear Two

Linear Two is a 14 span end fed machine
680m long irrigating 65 hectares
Flow rate of 120 litres per second
Nelson A3000 sprinkler package


Agsense 3G based telemetry has been added to the two linear machines and the one centre pivot
When referring to centre pivot irrigation, telemetry is the communication between the hardware that is installed on the pivot or linear machine and the software on the website or app. At AgSense, there are three types of hardware installed on the pivot. Field Commander mounts on the end tower of any brand of pivot, CommanderVP connects directly to Valley Digital panels, and Precision Link connects into T-L PPC III panels. Together with the state-of-the-art app and web software, AgSense telemetry gives you the ability to have remote pivot control and monitoring capabilities. This ability is referred to as mobile farm management. You can control and monitor your pivots on any internet-friendly device by accessing them on a computer via or downloading the free app on a smartphone or tablet. AgSense telemetry units have a cell phone modem in them that transmits data to the cloud.