Lindsay Pivots and Pumps provide for City's Waste Water


How do you successfully complete one of the largest wastewater treatment projects of its kind in Australia?
With a full arsenal of Lindsay products from TEAM Irrigation Dubbo, including:
• 13 new poly-lined Zimmatic by Lindsay centre pivots
• A fully-integrated Watertronics pump station, including five 215 horsepower (160kw) centrifugal pumps
• FieldNet pivot and pump wireless control technology

Spearheaded by TEAM Irrigation in Dubbo, the recently completed Tamworth wastewater reuse project was 14 years in the making and designed to secure the city’s effluent disposal for up to 40 years.

With the city’s population expected to grow to nearly 50,000 by 2020, the Tamworth City Council decided to decommission and relocate its two existing wastewater treatment plants to the outskirts of town.

TEAM Irrigation spearheaded the project, which took approximately 12 months to complete, and allows for maximum daily effluent discharge of 14.2 million gallons (54ML).

Now, instead of being dumped into the nearby Peel River, the town’s treated wastewater is pumped through 13 Zimmatic pivots and used to irrigate 1,581 acres (640 ha) of local crops such as grains and alfalfa, which are then sold to local dairies and feedlots.

“We are proud to be involved in the project from conception,” says Craig Chandler, Managing Director of TEAM Irrigation. “This multi-million-dollar project was unique in that it involved numerous Lindsay products, including the pivots, pumps and all of the controls.”

The Zimmatic centre pivots, ranging in length from 1,772 feet (540m) to 778 feet (237m), are designed to apply 0.36 inches (9mm) of water over the fields in a 24-hour period.

Realm Agribusiness served as principal contractor on the project, and manages the irrigation system and farming operation.

“Whilst our dealership has completed projects that irrigated a larger land size, this is by far the biggest project we have been involved in dollar-wise and is the first project for us involving full integration of Lindsay Zimmatic pivots, a Watertronics pump station and FieldNET controls.”Chandler says

“This was definitely a team effort involving many different local partners and several Lindsay divisions and teams working together to design a highly-efficient wastewater disposal system that will provide for the City of Tamworth’s needs well into the future.”

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