With today's environment of drought, water usage uncertainty and the rising competition in crop production, growers are paying increased attention to equipment that can give them more efficiency in the paddock. And today much of this attention is being focused on the Zimmatic brand of Centre Pivot & Linear Move Irrigators supplied by Team Irrigation in Dubbo.

Zimmatic irrigation equipment sets the industry standard with innovative designs and engineering systems that deliver years of dependable performance.

Dubbo-based firm, TEAM Irrigation Pty Limited are the NSW authorised dealers of Zimmatic Centre Pivot & Linear Move Irrigation systems, as manufactured in the United States by the Lindsay Manufacturing Group. TEAM Irrigation's success in solving water usage demands in NSW can be attributed to their 40 years of combined experience and the quality of the Zimmatic brand.

Zimmatic centre pivots provide farmers with the best quality, highest performing irrigation systems. Year after year, these systems prove themselves in varying types of terrain, cropping situations and irrigation requirements. Zimmatic offers a complete line of advanced irrigation control systems that utilize the most up-to-date computer technology. These systems allow you to program and monitor pivot operation more efficiently, saving you time, labour, water, energy, chemicals and money. From the tyre sizes to sprinkler packages, farmers need to be able to work with specialists that design specific irrigation options for the most efficient use of water in Australia's demanding climate.

Zimmatic drivetrain technology continues to set all industry standards for efficiency and longevity. Their centre drive and gearbox designs save energy costs while extending the life of the drivetrain. The superior construction of pivot points, support structure and towers provide growers with the stability where it counts the most. Zimmatic's pivot structural designs include some industry-leading features including their exclusive Uni-knuckle connector, exclusive split coupler and the external collector ring. Every component is designed for peak reliability, performance and efficiency for Australian growers.

The main crops suited to this form of irrigation are cereal crops, lucerne, corn, sorghum, cotton and the dairy and wastewater industries.

TEAM Irrigation has been established by Craig Chandler and Robert Johnson of Dubbo. With a workshop based in Dubbo, they provide irrigation clients with a full service, from designing a system to meet their individual needs, to installation and commissioning, as well as follow-up service and spare parts. Mr Chandler said Lindsay had been exporting Zimmatic irrigation equipment to Australia for almost 20 years, but their products had not previously been stocked in regional NSW.

For more information, phone Craig Chandler on (02) 6885 5220 or 0428 991 472 or Robert Johnson on 0429 991 472.