Excellence in Rural Achievement
2008 Outstanding Business Awards Dubbo Chamber of Commerce & Industry

On Friday 31st October 2008, TEAM Irrigation was recognised by the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce & Industry for their commitment to the rural community and their excellence in business development. Directors Craig Chandler & Bob Johnson are extremely proud of their Silver Rhino Award and dedicated their award to their staff for their support and commitment in achieving this goal.

TEAM Irrigation supplies large scale irrigation equipment to the rural community. Our business is to promote the investment in irrigation technologies, practices and the transfer of knowledge to improve water efficiencies on rural properties, Council's agricultural land, mines and divisions of the Department of Public Works.
TEAM Irrigation over the past 5 years has led the way in successfully transferring irrigation advances and technology to the paddock. 

We have been outstanding in implementing irrigation infrastructure that saves water, time, labour and wastage. We are a leader in working with clients, finding solutions to their irrigation needs, training them on irrigation advances, developing alternative solutions to make our farmers prepared for continued drought and the legislative changes which constantly face our market. 

TEAM Irrigation is dedicated to centre pivot and lateral move irrigation technology and because of this dedication, customers are confident in using our designs and products, plus recommending our services to other forward thinking growers.

TEAM Irrigation recognises that in today's highly competitive market providing excellent service is not sufficient to satisfy customers and ensure loyalty. Our goal for the past 5 years has been to convert a customer?s interaction with our company into an educating and confident experience, whilst motivating employees.

Team Irrigation is extremely proud of their Silver Rhino Award