Robert Johnson and Craig Chandler

TEAM Irrigation Pty Limited designs, installs and maintains a wide range of irrigation solutions to the rural sectors of NSW, Southern Queensland and Northern Victoria. Our products and services are designed to maximise water efficiency for a multitude of agricultural crop requirements.

TEAM Irrigation is the NSW distributors & major direct account holder with Lindsay Corporation based in Omaha, Nebraska USA. Lindsay Corporation manufacturers Zimmatic Centre Pivot & Lateral Move Irrigation systems.

TEAM Irrigation was established April 2003 by Craig Chandler and Robert Johnson of Dubbo, who have more than 60 years combined experience in the Irrigation Industry in rural NSW. Operations at 69-71 Fitzroy Street include complete warehousing, fabrication and retail facilities.

Bob and Craig have worked throughout NSW and have knowledge and experience in all types of irrigation applications - from design to construction. They have supported clients ranging from small holdings, major organic exporters, mining and cotton companies, through to local Councils and the Department of Public Works and Services. Their expertise has seen them gain experience in projects from localised dairies to waste water management systems with multiple centre pivot sites.

TEAM Irrigation has also successfully worked on the design and installation of waste water schemes for Councils in NSW. These schemes turn Council waste water into treated effluent for irrigation through a Zimmatic Centre Pivot Irrigation scheme onto fodder crops and prevent waste water from continuing to contaminate nearby rivers and water sources.

TEAM Irrigation supplies various brands of supporting Irrigation equipment for the Rural, Industrial, Local & State Government sector, such as MDPE & uPVC Pipelines, Pumps, Control systems, water storage tanks, water metering for the control of water consumption from local rivers and water quality monitoring devises.

A retail outlet in Fitzroy Street Dubbo, supplies all brands of spare parts and the service department provides back up repairs and service maintenance agreements. The service & fabrication department operates from a second on-site shed for the servicing of equipment, provision of welding & poly butt fusion & electro-fusion MDPE welding services and the construction of irrigation equipment for specific client needs.

The design department uses the latest satellite mapping technology & specialist irrigation software to design irrigation schemes for projects, including waste water management schemes for Councils. Software technology will track water flows and consumption accurately and developments in water metering ensures our designs apply the correct amount of water at the correct location and time, thus saving labour, time, energy and any loss of water through either run off or evaporation. Our designs aim to sustain the environmental impact irrigation can have on rural lands by protecting runoff and chemical or salt intrusion into the groundwater.

TEAM Irrigation supplies large scale irrigation equipment to the rural community. Our business is to promote the investment in irrigation technologies, practices and the transfer of knowledge to improve water efficiencies on rural properties, Council’s agricultural land, mines and divisions of the Department of Public Works. Our commitment is to provide quality irrigation technology & our ultimate goal is to give clients the power of precision farming.

TEAM Leaders

TEAM Irrigation over the past 11 years has led the way in successfully transferring irrigation advances and technology to the paddock. As new products are developed in water efficiencies, all new products have undertaken quality testing before introducing these products to our clients. The introduction of these water efficient products has allowed farmers to save water, time & resources and allowed them to develop improved farming techniques.

TEAM Irrigation’s investment in marketing quality Lindsay Zimmatic centre pivots and lateral move irrigators has resulted in over 170 irrigators being installed. Our range of irrigators uniformly applies water, chemicals and fertilizer, resulting in improved plant yield, growth and quality. There is also less runoff, helping prevent contamination of the water table and nearby streams. This has been extremely important during periods of drought as the water table continues to drop throughout Australia.

Today’s economic and climatic environment requires growers and property managers to be forward thinking in their planning of crop development and use of all agricultural land. TEAM Irrigation works closely with growers to source the best solutions to meet their requirements.

We research a client’s property terrain, water availability & quality, crop requirements and develop an irrigation plan that reduces waste, improves irrigation control, saves time & labour, minimises downtime, and maximises yields whilst converting an initial capital investment into a long term solution whilst protecting the environment.


TEAM Irrigation employs 12 permanent staff include 2 Electricians + factory trained technicians on centre pivot & lateral move irrigators & pumping systems, our philosophy is to continue our industry expertise & service by training & we currently have 2 apprentices on staff (one Electrical & one Fabrication & Welding) to ensure we continue to train tomorrows industry professionals.

All Staff are trained & kept up to date on Irrigation advances and we have worked with Lindsay Corporation both in Australia & undergone training on visits to the USA to understand & modify products to the Australian agricultural environment. TEAM Irrigation have also undertaken subcontract works in New Zealand & sub contracted our services to other Zimmatic dealers throughout Australia to assist in project construction & training.

TEAM Projects

Project Philosophy - Natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce as well as consequently more expensive. Add to this, legislative requirements for the environmental sustainability of Australia’s water, then we are faced with ensuring we make the best use of available water.
TEAM Irrigation has worked on many projects all concentrating on environmental sustainability, some of our major clients include:
  • Simplot Australia Pty Ltd
  • Dubbo City Council
  • REALM Agribusiness for Tamworth Regional Council
  • GHD Pty Ltd
  • Robert Oatley Wines Pty Ltd
  • RM Williams Rural Holdings
  • Nulla Farming & Pastoral Company
  • Paspaley Pearls Rural Properties
  • R.E.M.S Shoalhaven Waste Water Scheme (Nowra)
  • Sydney Water Corporation
  • Hunter Water Australia Ltd
  • Lunico-Agri
  • NSW Dept Primary Industries

TEAM Awards

The introduction of TEAM Irrigation’s centre pivots & lateral move irrigators has resulted in less properties using flood irrigation as their preferred irrigation technique and published studies have proven that this can reduce labour and fuel costs by 75%.

In October 2008 TEAM Irrigation were recognised by the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce & Industry by becoming the Inaugural recipient of the Excellence in Rural Achievement Award at the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce & Industry Outstanding Business Awards in recognition for Service to the Rural Sector.

This award recognised that the growth of TEAM Irrigation has completely evolved around the challenges of drought. We have had to implement marketing strategies based on water allocations, we have developed products that best suit Australia’s harsh climate and we have concentrated staff development on finding solutions to our client’s irrigation demands when water is so scarce.

TEAM Commitment

TEAM Irrigation would like to drive the growth in efficient irrigation management in NSW and beyond. When it comes to seeking guidance and educated advice on the most resourceful ways to use Australia’s scarce water resource, we are endeavouring to be the business that growers and property owners will turn to for solutions.

TEAM Irrigation is striving to be the market leader in NSW in supplying and servicing large agricultural irrigation projects and in five years time, to be the market leader in Australia. We seek to educate Australia’s rural community in the best ways to use Australia’s most valuable resource – water.

Our mission through the marketing of centre pivots and lateral move irrigators, assists clients respond to and shape the future of the irrigation and agricultural industry.

The Directors of the company continue to empower their staff in developing irrigation solutions, encouraging them to find further alternatives to save water and train growers on the advances in technology. Management can see the business will be run in the future by the staff of today.

TEAM Irrigation would like to continue their work in the project management of waste water schemes so that our environment and water sources are protected from urban growth.

Our vision is to ensure that with every new product we introduce and advancements in irrigation technology, we remain committed to saving natural resources and improving resource management. This simple goal helps a client’s bottom line and improves the lives of people everywhere.

think water Efficiency, think TEAM Irrigation