Building Tamworth’s Environmental Future

Team Irrigation spearheaded the construction of the Tamworth Waste Water Scheme,which included:

  • 13 new poly-lined centre pivots
  • A fully integrated pumps station, including five 215 horsepower (160kw) centrifugal pumps
  • Wireless control system between pivots and pumps

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Commencing November 2009, TEAM Irrigation has constructed a major waste water scheme in Tamworth which was completed in late 2010.

With an expected population growth in excess of 50,000 Tamworth City Council needed to decommission two waste treatment plants in town and relocate them to the new Westdale site near Tamworth Airport. EPA licensing regulations also required Council to stop releasing treated sewage into the Peel River, thus an entire new effluent facility needed to be designed.

Following the success of Dubbo City Councils Greengrove Effluent Irrigation Facility where 100 percent of the city’s treated sewage is now kept out of the nearby Macquarie River, Tamworth City Council called for designs and quotes to make this project a success for their city.

TEAM Irrigation subcontracted to REALM Agribusiness to design & construct the irrigation scheme for the treated effluent. The irrigation project encompasses the erection of 13 poly lined centre pivots with a maximum output flow of 54 megalitres per day, irrigating 640 hectares. A further 12.5kms of poly pipe ranging in size from 200 to 400mm layed and polywelded every 20m.

The irrigated crops supply feed for contracts and to the Willowlynn dairy owned and operated by REALM Agribusiness.