Choosing the most appropriate irrigation system for your property is not easy but that’s where TEAM Irrigation Rutherford can help. We specialise in all irrigation systems for pasture, cropping and vegetable based operations and can assist in deciding which system best suits your specific requirements.

TEAM Irrigation has vast experience across all aspects of farming & agriculture, and in particular these key areas:

Horticulture & Viticulture
Large Scale Irrigation
Polyethylene Piping & Fabrication
Pumping & Filtration
Stock Watering & Solar Technology

Horticulture and Viticulture

We have worked for many years throughout the Hunter Valley, which s one of Australia's best known wine regions, to help establish new wineries and orchards

Micro Irrigation

Micro-irrigation refers to low pressure irrigation systems that sprays mistsThe ability to monitor when and how much water to supply to a crop has halved this grower's power bill whilst using a centre pivot

Valley Centre Pivots

Valley Centre Pivots continually outperform other brands in safety, durability and strength. Rutherford now has the Valley dealership to be able to design, supply and install centre pivots and linear move irrigators. For growers wanted to save water, time and labour, they need to invest in Valley irrigators. 

Poly-reel Irrigators

We stock leading brand poly reel irrigators and provide after sales service so you can be sure that your system operates at its maximum capacity.

R1 Series Hard Hose Irrigators are part of the excellent R Series of Ocmis Hard Hose Irrigators. The machines are mounted on a fully galvanized chassis and turntable, allowing 360 degree rotation without moving the irrigator. 
Poly reel irrigators main advantages are its flexibility and portability; they best suit undulating or un-lasered property because they provide considerable water efficiency and productivity gains as well as improved agronomic conditions and reduced potential of deep drainage.

Pumping and Filtration

TEAM Irrigation has a proven record for providing pumping and filtration solutions for all water industry sectors throughout NSW.
We design, supply and install systems covering all applications, from those used for dairy wash-downs through to larger more sophisticated systems used for pressurised orchard irrigation operations.
We carry all leading brands and our skilled and experienced staff ensure that we design a pumping system that best suits your requirements and budget. 

Pipe and Riser Systems

This underground piping network releases water to the top of the irrigation bay via a riser system.
Pipe & riser irrigation systems have revolutionised the irrigation industry over the past 10 years as they can effectively replace on-farm open channels and bay outlets and provide farmer’s significant water savings due to reduction in evaporation and seepage

Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation Systems

Sub-surface drip systems best suit medium soil country which is dedicated to fodder cropping or vegetable production.

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Fixed Sprinklers for Irrigation

Fixed sprinkler systems are primarily used for:
Irrigating turf
Irrigating vegetable crops
Frost protection
Crop cooling in orchards and vineyards
In terms of irrigation, fixed sprinkler systems are assembled so that the water supply pipelines are established below the soil, with sprinkler nozzles elevated above the surface. The size and trajectory of emitters will vary according to the crop type and pumping system in place. If designed properly, fixed sprinklers provide first-rate water efficiency and application uniformity, other advantages include minimal labour requirement and low operating costs.

Stock Watering & Solar Technology

A reliable stock watering system is critical to the well being of your stock and your peace of mind.  Read More