Valley PolySpan

Groundwater quality is changing across the country and shortening the lifespan of centre pivots by corroding pipelines. Water containing chlorides and sulfates can corrode galvanized pipe, and water with high or low pH levels can decrease pipe lifespan even more. In addition, many growers are using wastewater and process water for irrigating, and applying crop protection chemicals or soil amendment products through pivots.

All these corrosive conditions are leading growers like you to investigate pipeline materials that are more resistant to corrosion than galvanized pipe.

PolySpan resists corrosive elements in irrigation water

Theres' no limit on pH, sulfates, chlorides, softness, saltiness, or farm chemicals. It's an excellent choice growers can apply chemicals and fertilizers through irrigation water. 

Valley is confident in PolySpan's performance that they offer a 20-year, pro-rated corrosion warranty with full replacement for the first 10 years or 30,000 hours.

PolySpan is the best investment you can make for your farm and future.

What is PolySpan?

PolySpan starts with a steel pipe that is welded and hot-dip galvanized. Then a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner is installed into the pipe. The ends are hot-formed onto the flange and through small retention holes in the flange to create a highly-durable HDPE pipe gasket that also locks the liner into the pipe. Finally self-locking, glass-reinforced nylon couplers are installed. 

Benefits to Growers

  • PolySpan is inert material, making it ideal for chemigation, fertigation amd corrosive water
  • No leaking - wide gasket, self locking couplers ensure a water tight seal
  • Long lasting - the first machine in Utah in 1992, is still operating
  • All structural components - from pivot pipe to last pipe - are lined and protected
  • Not affected by abrasion from sand or sediment in irrigation water
  • Highly resistant to sunlight and humidity
  • Same weight as galvanized span filled with water.


Poly Lined Centre Pivot Project

Previously a flood irrigated property at Narromine growing canola and wheat, Matthew Watt owner of Keial, recently installed an 8 span towable Centre Pivot to improve irrigation practices on his property.  

The towable centre pivot irrigates 49 hectares per pivot circle and can be towed between 2 paddocks, thus covering 98 hectares and allows for crop variation throughout the various growing seasons. Planned crops include winter wheat, barley, chick peas, sunflowers and corn. By getting the correct amount of water on a crop at the right time is crucial to getting higher yields, but it is important to apply it uniformly. The towable Centre Pivot is a cost-effective solution, alleviating risk when the weather isn’t ideal for planting & growing conditions.

Craig Chandler at TEAM Irrigation designed the system to cover 2 paddocks, allowing for changes in topography and soil type. The centre pivot is designed to be towed by tractor between two concrete pads layed in each paddock.

Bore water availability on Keial was consistent however water quality was corrosive. Characteristics which make water corrosive are: acidic, alkaline, water with high levels of chlorides, sulfates and salts, variable mineral content and crop management chemicals. To resolve this issue, Mr Watt selected a poly lined centre pivot. Piping on the centre pivot is lined with heavy duty, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and it has an integrated flange seal to eliminate the need for gaskets. The poly lined piping not only solved water quality issues but allowed Mr Watt to safely process crop management chemicals and fertilizers through the irrigator.

A Nelson sprinkler pack was fitted to the centre pivot with a part dry wheel kit. This reduces water flow near the centre pivot wheels and assists the pivot from forming wheel tracks.

A TEAM Irrigation installation crew installed the centre pivot in May 2009. Staff is fully trained in the installation of centre pivots, pump units and engines, poly welding and the operation of all required equipment such as bobcats, cranes, trenchers and forklifts.

For further information regarding this project, please contact Craig Chandler at TEAM Irrigation on 6885 5220.