Mobile Systems



Zimmatic offers three mobile irrigation solutions that allow you to spread your investment over multiple fields.
All Zimmatic mobile pivots feature reinforced wheel hubs that swivel easily into towing position.


. Two-wheel agri-tow (a) Ideal for frequent moves to fields up to 40 acres (16 ha), this easyto- set-up system features a twowheeled pivot rotating around a fixed anchor pad.

. Three-wheel mobile (b) Easily towed in any direction, the three-wheel mobile unit is held securely in place with earthen or concrete pad anchors and can irrigate fields up to 160 acres (64 ha).

. Four-wheel mobile (c) This system provides the necessary stability for towing over rough terrain and is intended for use in situations where pivot points are arranged in a straight line.

Zimmatic's tow/non-tow final drive gearbox uses a bale engagement
lever to disengage the gearbox for towing. When
you're ready to irrigate, simply re-engage the gearbox
with the lever.

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