Team Irrigation offers a full range of water application solutions for centre pivot irrigators and linear move irrigators, as supplied by Nelson Irrigation. From control valves to pivot sprinklers and pressure regulators to end guns - the package is complete. Efficiency and effectiveness are at the heart of Nelson's superior irrigation packages.

Nelsons' 3000 Series Pivot Products take into account the variety of soils and their differing content of sand, silt and clay. Water droplet size and energy affect both wind fighting ability and the integrity of the soil structure. Team Irrigation will choose the product that best fits your soil type and maximise efficiency.

Centre Pivot Irrigation has proven itself to be a highly effective and efficient means of irrigation. With the installation of Nelson sprinkler packages, we are able to take advantage of improved uniformity and high application efficiency. Solve problems of run off, while increasing yield and grade.

R3000 Pivot Rotator

This is a rotating sprinkler incorporating Nelson's patented RotatorT technology to achieve greater throw radius than fixed sprayheads. The larger coverage area results in lower application rates for reduced runoff and longer soak time. High uniformities can be achieved with overlapping sprinklers, while distinct streams improve application efficiency.

S3000 Pivot Spinner

This is a free-spinning sprinkler which produces a gentle rain-like application at low pressure. The free spinning action gives random droplets rather than distinct streams, enabling superior uniformity and throw over a fixed spray.

Features & Benefits:

  • Gentle Rain at Low Pressure 
  • Superior Uniformity at Low Pressure 
  • Crop-Guarded Body for Low Energy, Down in the Crop Application 
  • Color Coded Nozzles 
  • Faster, Easier Nozzle Cleaning and Changing
  • Versatile Modular Design

Big Gun Sprinklers

In the field of large-volume sprinklers, Nelson Big Guns are recognized the world over as the leader in quality and performance. They are engineered and precision manufactured for heavy-duty reliability and long wear life with minimum maintenance required. Every Nelson Big Gun is subjected to the toughest inspection testing and quality control standards in the industry. The SR (Slow Reverse) series of Big Guns is far and away the number one choice for centre pivot end gun and traveller use around the world ... it's indispensable in dust suppression and wastewater applications as well. With its proven dual arm drive and patented dual drive spoon, the SR gun reverses at the same slow, steady speed as it drives forward. This greatly reduces the vibration and whipping action of the old fast reverse system, which puts excessive stress and strain on the carrying device.

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