TEAM Irrigation specialises in the design, installation and servicing of Valley Linear Move Irrigators. Irrigating your square, rectangular, and oddly shaped fields isn't a problem!  Valley® linear machines offer you great advantages not found in other irrigation methods  —  advantages that can increase your field's potential and your profitability. 

Linears (laterals) travel back and forth across your field, instead of around a central point as a center pivot irrigates. Linears are one of the most efficient forms of irrigation —  irrigating up to 98% of your field!  And, linears do more than just irrigate — they can also provide your farm management program with chemigation, fertigation, germination, and decreases leaching that can occur through other irrigation methods.

Valley Linear advantages

  • Maximize irrigated area
  • Reduce labor expenses by 50%, compared with surface, side roll, or hand move irrigation
  • Deliver low rates of water, helping to eliminate runoff when irrigating on certain soils
  • Over the years, we've listened to your needs, and we continue to offer a robust line of linear irrigation equipment. Our team can design a system to irrigate fields up to 320 acres (130ha) with 98% coverage.

The Valley Lateral Move Irrigator travels back and forth across a square or rectangular field, irrigating up to 98% of the area. Valley laterals offer great coverage and flexibility, and are often viewed as one of the most efficient methods of irrigation.

We can put more of your field to work, virtually eliminating idle land.

A Valley Lateral Move Irrigator lets you combine maximum irrigation coverage with a uniform watering pattern over your entire field. This combination helps ensure a better yield out of every acre for a higher return on your investment in production inputs.

Ditch Feed Water Delivery

On-board diesel engine with generator or cord drag option powers a pump to pressurise and provide electricity to the linear.
Rolling inlets are used in concrete canals; floating inlets are used in earthen ditches.
Skid-style suction designed specifically for earthen ditches (Two Wheel Ditch Feed only).
Capacities of 10 lps – 285 lps (150 gpm – 4,500 gpm).

Valley Rainger

Based on a common cart platform, the Valley Rainger provides versatility by taking water from a ditch or a hose. The cart can be customised for your field by adding options such as chemigation and fertigation tanks.

Hose Drag Water Delivery

Electrical power supplied by on-board diesel generator or cord drag option.
Polyethylene hoses with inside diameters up to 200mm (8”), connected to a pressurised mainline.
Capacities of 12 lps – 88 lps (200 gpm – 1,400 gpm).

Valley Rainger Swing-Around

The Rainger Swing-Around rotates 180 degrees around the cart to irrigate the opposite side of the field. It allows you to double the amount of land irrigated with one machine, saving you time and money.

Valley Universal

Unlike other swing-around liners, the Valley Universal can automatically switch between linear mode and pivot mode.  Available as a hose drag or ditch feed.

Valley Two Wheel Hose Feed

The Two Wheel Hose Feed Linear from Valley is an ideal conversion option for fields currently irrigated by flood, drip or solid set. This versatile machine can operate as a standard linear, towable or swing-around.

Valley Two Wheel Ditch Feed

The Valley Two Wheel Ditch Feed Linear can use either permanent earthen water delivery infrastructure or earthen ditches that are instilled annually. A flexible suction inlet fits nearly any functioning earth ditch, keeping investment costs low. Ideal for small fields, this linear can be towed or swung around to cover more area.


All photos are projects designed, installed and serviced by TEAM Irrigation


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