Fall 2013

This issue includes articles on:
  • Soil moisture monitoring and weather station are now available from Lindsay
  • Reinventing the wheel - introducing the new airless tyre
  • Solar powered pivot in the United States
  • Precision water application packages by Nelson Irrigation

Fall 2012

This issue includes articles on:
  • User friendly control systems for lateral move irrigators (Vision for Laterals)
  • FieldNET - the next generation in controlling your entire system
  • No more soggy soil with Precision VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation)
  • Lindsay acquires new irrigation consulting firm - IRZ Consulting
  • Lindsay's first pivot

Spring 2012

This issue includes articles on:

  • Precision VRI - Variable Rate Irrigation
  • New timesaving feature for FieldNet
  • FieldNet Radio Bridge
  • Energy savings for Florida grower
  • Zimmatic pipelinesnow with 8 5/8inch spans
  • Lindsay products help world famous Australian winery recycle


Autumn 2011

This issue includes articles on:

  • The New 7500P Small Field Pivot
  • A better way to irrigate potatoes
  • From Dryland farming to Satellite-guided pivot irrigation
  • The Lindsay Advantage
  • Tamworth Waste water scheme by TEAM Irrigation
  • Growing pivot irrigated Mint
  • New Lindsay products

Spring 2010

This issue Includes articles on :

  • Lindsay's longest Pivot installated in Brazil sugar cane field
  • Fruit and vegetable farmers save on labour with pivots
  • Growing Chiles in Arizona
  • Greenfield mini-pivot and mini-lateral technology
  • Controlling your pumps with FieldNet web based irrigation management systems

Summer 2009

Pivot irrigation. Better Return on Investment.

Versatile, automated and efficient, centre pivots can be customised for a wide range of crops, field sizes and shapes. These systems are environmentally friendly since they reduce runoff and are constructed with 98% recyclable materials.

Lindsay 2008

Tough. Durable. Field Proven. Uneven terrain, unpredictable weather and extreme growing conditions – it’s all in a day’s work for Zimmatic.® Built to stand up to anything your fields can dish out – day after day, season after season.

Lindsay 2006

The MAXfield Custom corner’s SmartChip technology creates a customized watering pattern to deliver application rates with the same uniformity in your corners as in the rest of your field. This gives you improved yields while maximizing water, nutrient and energy resources.