The Greengrove Effluent Irrigation Facility is a key component of Dubbo City Council's sewerage infrastructure and will ensure the safe treatment of sewage and the beneficial recycling of treated effluent for decades to come.

Greengrove is a 608ha property located on the northern outskirts of Dubbo. Sewage is treated at the Troy Junction Sewage Treatment Plant and stored in 2 Effluent Storage Ponds.

Treated sewage is pumped approximately 12kms to the Greengrove filter station where the effluent is filtered prior to entering the internal pipelines of the Greengrove Irrigation System.

Team Irrigation supplied and installed 6 Lindsay Zimmatic Centre Pivots to irrigate 208Ha of fodder crops for Dubbo City Council. The centre pivot irrigators are powered by electricity, supplied by underground power lines.

The centre pivots can irrigate up to 16 mega litres of treated effluent per day. Each irrigator can be individually computer programmed to meet the needs of each crop.

The 6 centre pivot irrigators were installed within 6 weeks by the installation teams of Team Irrigation, well ahead of projection.