In the rural industry, many farmers believe that if it doesn't last 20years, then they expect warranty. At the same time, natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce as well as consequently more expensive for both consumers and irrigation suppliers. Add to this, legislative requirements for the environmental sustainability of Australia's water, then we are faced with ensuring we supply only quality irrigation equipment.

In order to achieve these goals, TEAM Irrigation's Design Department is our clients first opportunity to not only review their current irrigation practices and equipment, but our design department can introduce you to the latest design technology and advances in irrigation infrastructure.

Our design department uses the latest satellite mapping technology to design irrigation schemes for projects throughout NSW, including waste water management schemes for Councils. Software technology will track water flows and consumption accurately and developments in water metering ensures our designs apply the correct amount of water at the correct location and time, thus saving labour, time, energy and any loss of water through either run off or evaporation.

Hortenvale Farm at Cunnamulla QLD

Site plan of 5 Lateral Move Irrigators and 2 Centre Pivots

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