Forbes NSW Project


3 Mobile Move Centre Pivots, each being 350m long and able to irrigate 39 hectares each. 

The entire system is fitted with a control panel that can be monitored remotely. That means that at any time throughout the crop lifecycle, growers can see what their systems are doing and control them from virtually anywhere using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It all adds up to less time in the field, less spent on valuable resources, and greater control of the entire operation.

River Pump is a Dynapump Maxflow that pumps from the river to a storage facility at 16MgL a day. At the storage facility another pump station was constructed with 3 Cummins engines to pump to the 9 pivot point locations that the centre pivots can be moved to

9kms of pipework was installed to transfer water to all the centre pivot locations
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Nelson R55 Endgun on Zimmatic Centre PivotConstruction of pipelineCentre pivot constructionPipeline constructionDynapump Maxflow pump at riverZimmatc centre pivot constructionPupm station near water storage facility under constructionPump station construction
Pipeline constructionPipeline constructionPump station with  3 Cummins EnginesZimmatic Mobile Move PivotZimmatic centre pivot constructionPump stationPump StationCentre pivot construction by TEAM Irrigation
Zimmatic Mobile Move Centre PIvot at ForbesZimmatic Mobile Move Centre PIvot at ForbesPump station to 9 pivot sitesDynapump Maxflow river pumpZimmatic Mobile Move Pivot PointZimmatic Mobile Move Cart with generator

Narromine NSW Project


Two 6 span Poly Lined Towable Centre Pivots have been installed to service 4 irrigation circles. Each 350m centre pivot can irrigate 40 hectares.

This grower already had 3 centre pivots irrigating canola, corn and wheat with river water on the Narromine Scheme.

Poly line pipes are excellent for both low and high pH irrigation water, processed water and farm chemicals. The heavy-duty high-density polyethylene liner can handle corrosive liquids including saline and acidic water. The pipes have an integrated flange seal that eliminates the need for gaskets. Read more 
Instead of installing a fixed pivot system, this grower installed mobile move pivots to handle both the "main" paddocks and for supplementary irrigation to boost production on nearby fields. 

Trangie NSW Project

600m Ditch Fed Lateral Move Irrigator. This grower already had 2 Centre pivots.
The Lateral Move Irrigator will be used to irrigate cotton.
This Lateral is fitted with A3000 Sprinklers

Merriwa NSW Project

To replace a labour intensive travelling irrigator, our client upgraded to a 3 span Centre Pivot. This centre pivot is 200m long and irrigates 12 hectares.
The existing river pump and pipework was maintained.

Narromine NSW Pivoting Lateral Project

A 3 span pivoting lateral move irrigator was installed to irrigate 6 hectares of lucerne at Narromine. The pivoting lateral allows 98% coverage of paddocks, they put more of the field to work, virtually eliminating idle land.This lateral lets our customer combine maximum irrigation coverage with a uniform watering pattern over the entire paddock.
This lateral move irrigator is poly lined due to the bore water.  
The bore provides 10litres/sec water. The lateral move irrigator is hose-fed, ie: supplied with water through a large diameter hose attached to a pressurized mainline.

Four wheel cartFour wheel cartHose leading to 4 wheel cartFour wheel cart
Zimmatic pivoting lateralFour wheel cartHose feeding four wheel cartNelson sprinklers on pivoting lateral

Wellington NSW Project

A 4 span, 176m centre pivot was installed after the owners developed a new bore that feeds 12litres per sec.
A new Grundfos SP46 pump was installed.

Nowra NSW Project
When the safeties failed on an existing Tyco pivot and the irrigator fell into the effluent dam, a quick solution was required.
TEAM Irrigation was able to replace 2 spans on this Tyco pivot with other spans.